Helping Women Veterans

Residential Services

The home operates as a self-managed system run by a residents’ council facilitated by a case manager. This council is responsible for organizing and managing the day to day function of the home and residents. Over all safety rules are established by the program governing board and VA, but congregate decisions will be made in council and may effect such issues as use of common space, scheduling the use of shared laundry facilities, meal planning, preparation and shopping.

Access to Appropriate Services/Treatment

The program provides access to VA and community based services to address transitional needs, e.g employment opportunities, permanent housing, financial planning and treatment interventions for personal issues, e.g. substance abuse, sexual abuse/trauma, socialization and relationship building. Zion House is conveniently located on three bus lines serving the communities in which the VA has medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse treatment centers as well as groups homes and in-patient care for veterans. Community services in all of these areas are also within easy commuting distance of the program. Zion House will provide transportation to any service/treatment appointments as well as provide direct access to employment and affordable housing sites.

Personal Skills Development

Program volunteers or service agencies will provide life-skills training through individual mentoring, personal practice in the home, self management by council members, and in classes in community and VA service providers. Skill training will focus on skills needed to achieve sustainable independence: self-care, home management, budgeting and financial management, educational or vocational training, relationship building, establishing and using a support system, self-determination and engagement of the veteran’s natural support system.

The goal is to fight homelessness and welcome them back into the community.