Ontario Electrical Safety Code For A Safe Renovation Project

It is important that you take nothing for granted. Unfortunately, homeowners today tend to take electricity for granted. With a mere flip of a switch, it is possible to charge electrical devices, heat food in the microwave or turn on the lights. It is all simple and convenient; however, you should remember the effort that goes into making the electricity. Furthermore, you should be aware how to use the electricity safely. Safe electrical systems are necessary in all homes, and even more so for the older homes that contain outdated technology and antiquated wiring.

Have you purchased property recently? Perhaps you have inherited real estate in the past few months. If you want to live in an older house, it is likely that you will need to consider an electrical renovation project for the house. This will enable you to upgrade the electrical system of the property making it secure and energy-efficient.

Whenever considering the possibility an electrical renovation project, it is important that you discuss the safety element of the project with your certified electrical contractor. If you do not ensure the safe installation of electrical equipment and wiring, you will be violating the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. According to the Electrical Safety Authority, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code is a technical document that is published every three years. It presents guidelines for all types of electrical wiring undertakings, as well as installation projects in commercial or residential properties.

The Electrical Safety Authority or ESA published a new safety code in 2015 for all Ontario homeowners to consider as part of the Canadian Electrical Code.

Will The New Ontario Electrical Safety Code Influence Electrical Renovation Projects?

According to Canadian legislation, all electrical renovation projects homeowners undertake after May 5th, 2016, need to comply with the regulations set out by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. This means you should discuss all aspects related to the legal compliance of your electrical contractor before beginning the project. Never consider any electrical renovation project as a do-it-yourself project. Damaged circuits and faulty wiring systems can result in death; therefore, it is recommended that you rely on the specialized skills of a trained electrical contractor to complete the job.

Common Electrical Safety Code Violations

An Electrical Safety Authority inspector is a professional identifying whether or not the renovation project is compliant with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. If the authority locates any violation of the safety code, he or she can issue a defect notice immediately.

An Expert At Your Service

If you have received a defect notice from the Electrical Safety Authority, this is not the end of the world. Authorities will provide you with a timeframe in which to correct the electrical problem; however, it is important to note that correction of an electrical defect is not a do-it-yourself project. To repair an electrical defect, it is recommended that you hire a licensed and trained electrical contractor. Before hiring the contractor, it is advised that the professional understands all areas of the new Ontario Electrical Safety Code and presents with experience in correcting the relevant defect properly. This will ensure you do not need to face any problems with authority figures in the future.